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Premium Cover Letter  Review

Premium Cover Letter Review


What makes this the *Premium* Resume Review? The 40-minute coaching call via Zoom!


Submit your cover letter as if you were applying to the type of job you are targeting in your search. I will critique it as if I was the recruiter for that role, and send you a document highlighting issues of concern and detailing what you’re doing right…and wrong.


Having been in the resume writing business since 2016 and gone through career changes myself, I know a thing or two about how your cover letter will be evaluated. I’ll assess your letter’s focus, content, and overall effectiveness, telling you how to avoid red flags that could eliminate you from contention while explaining how to best highlight your value to the recruiters and hiring managers.


The review will give you detailed information and recommendations on the best approach to fixing any issues, explaining how to best control your narrative for the reader, including what information should be added, excluded, and quantified - and why.


Don't have a cover letter? Send over your resume, and I will create a customizable draft for your background that you can tweak based on the specific job(s) you are applying for.


    • After purchase, email the document(s) in Word or PDF to 
    • For your convenience, you can reply to the email confirmation (the website confirmation, not the payment confirmation). The subject says "Thanks for shopping with us (order number)."
    • Documents sent to email addresses other than will not be processed properly and not placed in the work queue.
    • I will review the resume and email back my thoughts and suggestions. This is not a live/collaborative process. There are no phone calls or video chats for the review.

    You will be asked at checkout to agree to all of the below terms and conditions before completing your purchase. By completing checkout, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

    For reviews, the current turnaround is approximately 3-4 business days from payment AND receipt of necessary documents.

    By placing your order, you accept and understand the ETA for services. I would rather do it right and not rush to make a deadline, so some delays may occur.

    The reviews and edits are not live/collaborative processes. There are no phone calls or video chats.

    If requesting a review, when the review is sent back to you, the process is complete, and the product is final. If requesting an edit, when the resume or cover letter is sent back to you, the process is complete, and the product is final. Regarding the editing service, there are no multiple drafts or revisions as the finished product is our opinion of what a successful resume would look like for you.​

    All sales are final. If you get a new job, change your mind, etc., after submitting payment, Pro Resume Works is under no obligation to refund services. My availability is extremely limited, and purchasing a service takes away an opportunity from another customer who needs it. If you change your mind and would like to donate/gift the service to someone else, please let us know.

    Note- These are not preorders. If you are not prepared to submit your documents at the time of purchase, we ask that you do not purchase services until you are ready. If you purchase a service and then delay submission, it creates a delay in our schedule and takes availability away from someone who is ready. If you are not prepared to submit documents, we'll have more services available weekly. If you purchase a service and do not email your documents within 7 days, your service will be donated to someone who cannot afford the services. Please be prepared to submit your documents at time of purchase.

    You are responsible for proofreading, finalizing, and verifying your documents’ accuracy before submitting them to job applications or networking. You are under no obligation to use any advice, suggestions, or documents provided by Pro Resume Works, and you choose to do so at your discretion.

    Pro Resume Works does not guarantee success utilizing provided advice as hiring consists of many variables, including timing, location, industry, level of experience...even luck. This service offers my opinion on what would be best for your search. You are under no obligation to use any information provided. Hiring is highly subjective, and there is no one true "right" or "wrong" way to construct a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile. While I would love for everyone to find a job after utilizing my services, it's entirely possible that you won't. Just being honest.

    Pro Resume Works is not liable for any injury or damage caused by the advice/suggestions/documents given. If the buyer uses the provided advice/suggestions/documents, they do so at their own discretion.​

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