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It Doesn’t Start with Your Resume

The job search journey doesn't kick off with your resume.

When you dive into the world of job hunting, the instinct is often to start with your resume. However, the key to landing a job you truly love involves a strategic approach:

  1. Define Your Career Goals: Start by understanding what you want to do. Clarify your career goals and aspirations.

  2. Identify Ideal Employers: Pinpoint a handful of companies or organizations where you envision yourself thriving. These are places that align with your values and professional objectives.

  3. Conduct Thorough Research: Dive deep into these chosen workplaces. Learn about their culture, values, and current happenings. Follow them on social media to stay updated.

  4. Analyze Job Descriptions: When you spot a job opening that excites you, scrutinize the job description. Understand the skills and qualifications they seek.

  5. Craft Tailored Documents: Armed with this knowledge, now create a targeted resume and cover letter that speak directly to the needs and culture of the specific job and company.

By following this order of priorities, you're not just applying for any job — you're strategically pursuing a role that aligns with your passions and fits seamlessly into your desired career path.


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