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1-2-3 Pivot

The buzzword I’ve seen the most during this time of Covid-19 is “pivot.” To pivot is, by definition, “the action of turning around a point.” Okay, got it. And if you’re like me, you don’t want to see that word anymore! Here are three strategic changes you can take to impress hiring managers and help you get a job:

1. Downshift and fill a need

Consider changing your focus for the short term. There are many major companies locally that need customer service help, such as big box retailers, grocery chains and delivery services. Also, Forbes teamed up with Indeed and came up with a list of companies with starting pay of $60,000. These include tech, software, financial, and retail (Amazon.)

2. Become an expert

Create a Course. There’s a saying, “...those who can’t, teach.” Slightly out of context for this situation, but still applicable. You have an expertise to capitalize on. It may have gotten buried since the time you started working, but find it because, as life coach Marie Forleo says, “the world needs that special gift that only you have.” ( You can start small with one blog/podcast/video at time, move up to a webinar, and eventually hit the publish button with a course. Which you can sell. And just like that (and with a little luck and an email list,) you can automate the process and make money while you sleep. Or go to your son’s soccer game, whatever you want to do with your time. Thank you Amy Porterfield for making it easy! (

2. Solve a problem

You should always look to solve a problem. That’s what makes you valuable to a company. Maybe your interview process was put on hold due to short term changes. Or there were layoffs. Whatever the case, now is the time to do your research on the company and find something topical to write about. You can publish your work on LinkedIn. And then send a note to the hiring manager with a link to the blog.

Keep your eyes open for new opportunities, create a side hustle, and keep working on your LinkedIn profile! With your hard work, focus, and drive something is bound to turn up. Like spring and April showers, you’re planting seeds which will grow and reward you for your work. Hopefully by May!

For more ideas, resources, and support on creating your future with resumes that stand out, LinkedIn profiles that get noticed, and interviews that nail it, contact me at

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