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How to Look Better on Zoom in Under 10 Seconds

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When I was new to Zoom, I was completely uncomfortable with video conferencing. So exposed! What do I wear? How’s my hair? Is the background okay? Wait, I have to adjust my lighting? Where am I supposed to look? How do I mute this thing?

Once I got past the first session, it became easier. And now I like it. It’s fun, productive, and a better way to connect with the people I want to see. Note: it can also be exhausting if you’re on too long. Choose your people wisely.

Here’s how to look better with “Touch Up My Appearance:”


The ​​Touch Up My Appearance option retouches your video display with a soft focus. This can help smooth out the skin tone on your face, to present a more polished looking appearance when you display your video to others.


  • Zoom Desktop Client for Mac or Windows version 4.0.x or later

  • Zoom Mobile App for iOS version 4.0.x or later


Windows | Mac

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Zoom remembers your preference and uses it the next time you start or join a meeting on this device.

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