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Beware of the Internal Applicant

It’s so easy to assume things when you’re interviewing.

Navigating the interview process can be a rollercoaster of emotions. There's a tendency to assume positive outcomes, especially when you discover common ground with the interviewer, meet all the requirements, and receive positive feedback. It's easy to envision yourself securing the job offer.

However, before you set your expectations too high, it's crucial to consider a potential curveball: internal applicants. It's not uncommon for someone within the company to vie for the same position you're eyeing, and the odds often lean in their favor.

While there might not be concrete statistics on the impact of internal applicants, it's a smart move to inquire about the competition. Ask not only about the number of external candidates but also whether there's an internal contender. This information can be pivotal in managing your expectations and strategizing accordingly.

Remember, staying informed about the dynamics of the hiring process is an integral part of positioning yourself effectively. Don't let assumptions cloud your judgment; instead, proactively seek information that can shape your approach and set you up for success in a competitive job market.


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