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Creating Your Personal Brand

This comes from a webinar I watched a few years ago with Chris Brogan, of Owner Media Group. (He has a fantastic newsletter on marketing/branding/business that comes out on Sundays.)

How to tell people what you do:

Shortest way to say what you do:

The shortest way is just that. "Me? I’m a resume writer and job search consultant."

Best phrase to explain it to others:

The phrase to explain it to others? “I help people define their personal brand and create their future.


Explain Like I’m Six Years Old - "I help people get jobs."

Cookout version:

What you tell your neighbors - “I freelance as a resume writer for individuals and businesses."

Best situation your buyer would find themselves in when they realize they need you:

And the situation - “Let’s say you’ve decided to update your resume. You’d send it to me for a review and we'd figure out the next steps to get you where you want to be.”

Value proposition/Sales pitch:

"I help job seekers and career changers create their future with resumes that stand out, LinkedIn profiles that get noticed, and interviews that nail it."


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