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How to Job Search like "Emily in Paris"

I couldn’t help myself and over the weekend, binge watched “Emily in Paris.” A show by Darren Starr, the creator of “Sex and the City," I thought, what’s to not love? Despite the bad reviews, despite the kitchy-ness, and despite the simplicity, I enjoyed it. It made me smile. And dream a little. It brought joy to my weekend.

Why is a resume writer writing about a tv show?

Emily’s journey is so off the mark for a career path, it must be addressed. (Or maybe I’m just jealous and need to justify my twists and turns over the last thirty years.) Here’s the story: Twenty-something Emily lands a job in an ad agency in Chicago as their social media person, and through a turn of events is chosen to represent the agency to teach social media marketing at an agency in Paris.

What are the odds of that happening?? I stayed for the scenery. In return, I got several romances with gorgeous men, wonderful food, and beautiful outfits in every scene. And there’s more: Either Paris is truly a magical city or, oh wait, it’s a television show. Even though Emily couldn’t speak French, she made friends easily, took networking to a new level, and somehow managed to get her office to switch from speaking French to accommodating her English. Head spin.

On the job front, the agency scene would never happen. For example, they managed two major luxury accounts in the same industry. Nope. And the viral Instagram posts. It just doesn’t work that way. But that’s the magic and without Emily’s special talent, there wouldn’t have been such big ending. In preparation for a second season.

Thank goodness! Let the dream live!

Is there such a thing as the perfect job? No. Even in Emily’s case there was conflict and struggle. She even got fired, which is hard to do in France apparently. But if we don’t raise the bar for ourselves and the places we work, we’ll never know if things could be better.

When we start a job search, we’re challenging ourselves to reach a goal, testing our limits, establishing our skills and strengths, and facing our weaknesses. It’s a big change and one of the top most-stressful life events. There’s no one path to get to the destination of a new job. It twists and turns and kicks you in the ass. It’s humbling and exciting at the same time. It’s exhausting! No wonder Emily had so much energy - she’s young, beautiful, has cash flow and is at the hottest ad agency in Paris. Why would she sleep?

Emily in Paris is a reminder to think big, look your best, network, be patient, and hope for miracles. There is no “perfect,” so be kind to yourself, indulge in a chocolate croissant on occasion, and keep an open mind during your job search.


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