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Make a Welcome Video for New People in Your Network

The best LinkedIn invite I’ve had included a welcome video. It was the usual request to connect, and I accepted because we had a mutual connection. But I was beyond impressed by his response. He had a follow-up note with a video introducing himself.

The note had so much authenticity in its simplicity. The greeting, thank you, and including his phone number made me feel somehow, touched, like I belonged to something. Here's what it said:

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for being part of my network. I am thrilled to be connected with you. Please take a look at this video that I created for you.




And then the video blew me away. What a great idea! Why haven’t I seen it before, and why wasn’t I not doing that already? There are so many ways to incorporate a simple video in my message.

So, I made my own. It’s not as polished as the one my new contact sent but I did it in one take. It’s a work in progress!

If you’d like help making yours, let me know and I’ll give you the script and how-to.


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