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What's your story?

Navigating the question of "What do you do?" involves a delicate balance of art and science.

Crafting your response strategically for different contexts can leave a lasting impression. Here's a breakdown:

Casual Conversation (e.g., with neighbors):

  • Me: I freelance as a resume writer.

Family and Friends, Especially Children:

  • What I tell my children: I help people find jobs.

Professional Setting or Networking:

  • In my professional network: I’m a job search consultant specializing in resume writing.

Elevator Pitch or Sales Pitch:

  • For my sales pitch: I help job seekers and career changers create their future with resumes that stand out, LinkedIn profiles that get noticed, and interviews that nail it.

By tailoring your response to the audience, you not only convey the essence of your profession but also make it relatable and engaging. Each version serves a purpose, whether it's creating a sense of approachability with neighbors or highlighting expertise in a professional network.

Crafting an impactful response to this common question is an art that can leave a lasting impression and open doors to meaningful conversations.


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